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why use equine choice probiotics?

A horse is born with very little bacteria in its intestines.  It obtains a variety of these from its dam during nursing and from its environment.  A healthy bacteria population...essential to proper digestion...builds in the gastro intestinal tract over time and becomes part of the normal digestive process.

Horses on pasture graze 14 - 18 hours a day, getting constant exercise with minimal stress.

Race, Performance and Show Horses
are stalled, stressed, given severe and/or inconsistent exercise, trailered, fed high grain diets and lowered amounts of hay or pasture, wormed and treated with antibiotics.


In altering a horse's lifestyle we compromise its natural digestive bacteria and process.

Equine Choice probiotics restore and replenish digestive enzymes and bacteria, returning the horse to its healthy digestive process...naturally!

strive for balance and get it!

Equine Choiceprobiotics are a source of live, protected and reproducible yeast cultures, plant digest, live enzymes and healthy bacteria which create and support a balanced and healthy digestive process.


Equine Choiceensures absorption of starches, proteins, minerals and nutrients in the stomach and small intestine.  It further ensures consistent PH in the hind gut, the cecum, and large and small colon for fermentation of fibre and roughage ingredients, and re-absorption of water.

It's a complex route, but with Equine Choice a part of your regular feeding management you can be assured...

Appetite                      INCREASES!

Healthy Bacteria       INCREASES!

Protein Utilization    INCREASES!

Starch Utilization     INCREASES!

Fibre Digestion         INCREASES!

Performance             IMPROVES!

feeding management for the performance horse!

when to use equine choice probiotics?

Use Equine Choice probiotics to improve feed intake, treat digestive upsets and to maintain healthy and balanced levels of digestive bacteria!

It is not a drug and no withdrawal time is necessary!
Available in 80gm tubes, 5kg pails & 2kg containers
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Equine Choice Probiotics
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