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Canadian Distributor of Buckeye® Nutrition

Feeding programs catered to your horse on your farm!

During an on-farm call we will help you assess the hay you are feeding, as the base, to put a feeding program together.  Starting with an analysis of your hay is always a good beginning!  Your horse should be eating more hay than grain (when good teeth and good hay are present!), so it is essential to balance the ration (ration being the hay they are eating!) by knowing what we are starting with… that helps us in knowing where we are going to!


From there we will have many questions for you, sometime more questions than you had for us!


Putting together a profile of your horse by age, weight, breed, job, temperament, type, body condition and environment will allow us to choose the correct feeding program for you.   We will help you assess all of these parameters insuring that you are able to understand why we would choose certain feeds, in order that you are better educated to make changes in the future! 


Through your local dealer you can sign up for a farm call to help put together a program, many of our dealers have farm call specialists on staff.  We are also personally available through our dealers to make farm calls on occasion when our travel plans suit.   Check our schedule of events on the NEWS page to see if we will be in your area, or call your  Local DEALER to schedule us in when we are next in town!


Contact us and you can have a feeding program begin to take effect as soon as we have the info we need!  Usually at shortest in a day, at length in two weeks.

By phone, email or on farm, from near or from far!  On-farm calls are presently available in Ontario and Manitoba!

***But no matter where you live in Canada, if you have questions about your feeding program or horse's nutrition, we welcome your email
or phone call!


Our dealers are our hosts for seminars, if you are interested in having one at your barn or want to take part in one, please call a DEALER near you, or call us direct to schedule one!

We are an education driven seminar not a feed sales driver! 

Some of our topics include:

*Equine Nutrition 101 (very thorough!)
*Nutrition for Broodmares and Foals. (Understanding nutritional D.O.D.s)

*Fats and Starches: understanding what they can do for your horse, or to your horse!

What you may learn while at a seminar: 

*How to change a management practice to reduce your risk of colic.

*What makes a horse become too thin and irritated.

*What kinds of fat are more available to a horse.

*What metabolic diseases are created by or antagonized by nutrition.


If you are interested, please inquire about how we can help you better understand what you are feeding your horse is doing to them, or for them!  Don’t forget to check our NEWS page to see if there is a seminar scheduled for your town in the near future! 


We do hay samples, body condition scoring and general management assessments to allow you to offer your horse the best possible scenario for the situation you and your horse are in! 


PS:  Please don’t worry about the mess, we didn’t come to see your barn, we came because you care!  Poop happens to all horse owners; sometimes we ask to see it, but we always wear the right boots!

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